Preparing your item

When it comes to detoxing your wardrobe, successfully selling those pieces you no longer wear is essential.
We’ve come up with some guidelines to help you successfuly sell your pre-loved pieces.


Be transparent about the condition your item's in and price accordingly - it’s always better to be honest about imperfections to avoid stalling the process at a later stage.
All items are checked by our team for quality upon arrival. Any unmentioned imperfections will be noted and may result in your item being returned.
see Item Condition Guidelines


Ensure your item is clean - any soiled or smelly items will be returned and will not be listed.


Package your item carefully, ensuring it is well wrapped and in a waterproof shell.


Please only use the label sent to you by us - this is registered to your item and allows us to track it's journey to us.

If you have any questions regarding the preparation or packaging of your product, please contact us below: