How can I start selling on 56ROCKET™?
You can apply to be a seller on 56ROCKET™ at anytime by creating an account here. As soon as your application is approved, you can begin uploading your first product.

Do I need to be in New Zealand to sell on 56ROCKET™?
No. Sellers from all over the globe can join 56ROCKET™.
Why do you need to approve Sellers?
To ensure the highest quality and unique experience for both buyers and sellers, we need to ensure all sellers meet our brand specifications.
How much does it cost to join 56ROCKET™?

It’s free to join and start selling - join now

Can I sell made-to-order items?
Yes you can. You just need to add your timeframes for production in your item description for example, this item is made-to-order, please allow XX days for production. We recommend you turn on the ‘Ask the Designer’ button to assist in customer requirements – this can also significantly aid in obtaining the sale.
What is your commission? 
Our commission upon sale is 25% of the net sale price (without tax).
How will I be paid after making a sale?
You can opt to be paid via PayPal or Bank Account. We aim to process all sales within 2-7 days.
After making a sale, how long do I have to ship out the product?
If the item is ready and in-stock, you have 24hours to fulfil the order.
Do I have to use a tracked postal service?
Yes. To give the buyer added security and to aid in finding a parcel should it become lost, we require all parcels to be sent with tracking.
Where can I ship my products to?
You can ship your products to any country that is on the Shipping Zone list within your Seller Portal. If there is a particular country not on the list that you would like, email and we will add it for you.

Do I have to match the price of the products on my personal store?
Prices on 56ROCKET™ must be of  equal or greater amount of the prices on your online store, and on any other retailer or online platforms.
What happens if I sell the item on my own store?
You will need to remove the product listing from 56ROCKET™ as soon as possible after it is sold.
What happens if I want to update price or information on a product listing?
You can edit your product listing at anytime. Your updated information should automatically update on the website, however you will need to check all products are displaying correctly and if not, please disable the listing and email for assistance.

Why was my product listing disapproved?
To ensure the highest quality and unique experience for both buyers and sellers, we need to ensure all product listings meet our brand specifications and are of the highest standard. Reasons may include, low image resolution, unprofessional image, descriptions not accurate, product does is not on brand.

Can I sell items on the behalf of others?
You must have written authority to enable the selling of other brands items.

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